I am going to assume most of you heard about the host of a recent (bullshit) awards show bombing so badly his name will now be forever associated with BOMBING BADLY. While I would not watch such a program even if you paid me $300 (though might reconsider for $350), I am not without empathy for this person as his profession is quite difficult. I only know one joke (it’s the one about the guy tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere who is found by a state trooper) and no one has ever laughed at it. Even when I explain I didn’t write it, people are still furious at me for telling it (provided they can stay awake for the conclusion) and that’s why this program will continue to be a HUMOR-FREE ZONE.

Pump – Lung
Vorsen – Memes for Brains
Cartoon – Steam Room
Maria T – Wind Down
Policeband – Tow Away
NNB – Well Oh Well
Groundhogs – Mistreated
Spur – Everything Wrong (continuous mix) ?Gay Death – Ace Scene Predator
E-Saggila – Cluebeat
Emeka Ogbuh – everydaywehustlin
Roy Montgomery / Alicia Merz – Faded From You
Hal Lambert & Mitchell Mobley- Ric Flair
Perpets – Part Two
Jon Colin and Niclas Anderstadt Lindgren – Track 3
Group Material – The Clean Flame of joy
Phil Niblock – Hurdy Hurry