It’s a tough day to focus on music given all the hoopla surrounding Mike Gravel being sworn in as the 46th President Of The United States, but somehow I’m going to manage. This week’s show features new material by Model Home, White Suns, Claire Rousay, Patrick Shiroishi, Bobby Would, Michael Beach, Auton and more. Let the healing begin #gravelicious

Red Asphalt – Red Asphalt
Jack Ruby – Hit And Run
Legionaire’s Disease Band – Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head)
IV Eyes – They Saved Terri’s Tube
The Anals – Commando Of Love
Carne – Peste
Bobby Would – Natural Killer
Michael Beach – De Facto Blues
Chris Brokaw – Periscope Kids

Model Home – Plan Against
The Watershed – Draw The Line
Replikants – Sicillian Defense
Deadbeat & The Mole – Return To The Towers
Sadie Greyduck – Malibu
Claire Rousay – Enough For Me
Tvii Son – Heart Ending
Jenn Kirby – Time Being

White Suns – Bulldozed Into A Ditch
Pauline Oliveros & Reynols – Cathedral Juice
Patrick Shiroishi- Words Turn Into Stone
Kinloch Nelson – Tone Poem

Pay Dirt – Brutal Hygiene
Auton – Without Hindrance
Emeka Ogboh – Everydaywehustlin
Nilotika Drum Ensemble – Ejokawulda