I go and put myself through this for your entertainment. I can barely walk and you all, you all, you all just stand there and stare at me. You, one, two, three sitting down, or you standing there. You ever think to help somebody in need, huh? Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy watching me trying to walk up here by myself?! Hmm? And or what? Huh?! I go through all of that, all of that, for what? And you? You don’t even have the tiniest bit of respect, the tiniest bit of empathy to where you would think to help somebody in need. So if you can’t do something simple like that, I will let everybody know listening, even if they had the chance, they wouldn’t have helped. I will never be appreciated like I should be. I see it. I see it now. Everything I’ve done. Everything I’ve done. Everything I’ve done.

track list :

Hostile Work Environment – Hostile Work Environment
Angry Blackmen – Caligula!
?Karabasan Drane – Crystralline State  ?
Tod Daraku – Baal ?
Gabie Strong – Peaked Experience
Switchblade ?Jay White x Spider Sabich – I Will Never Be Appreciated

Monokultur – Ormens Väg?
Graeme Jeffries – If The Moon Dies?
Shannon Wright – Tax The Patients
?C. Lavender – Two Way Mirror?
Heather Leigh – Phrases On The Mount
?Sun Is Poison – I Could Pull My Own Face Off
?U – Lowlands?
Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Flex

Loula Yorke – Rush Hour
51717 – Exile ?
Aquatronics – Hydrosaurus?
Sockethead – All My Days Are Dark As Night?
Osawa Tome – Leaf Slide

??Andy Moor / Tomasso Ronaldo – Vobbia Pt. II?
Spider Trio – Out Fall To Stream