The late George C. Scott famously called the Oscars, “a two hour meat parade”, a description that could just as easily apply to this show. And as we’re a day removed from the reveal of nominations for the 95th Academy Awards, this week’s program explores the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ negligence in recognizing “Morbius” (dir – Daniel Espinoza). Did the studio fail to place the requisite number of “for your consideration” billboards in Hollywood (FFS, even Turnstile know enough to do that) or does the problem lie in the Academy’s failure to specify a category for “Best Performance By An Astonishingly Annoying Seth Rollins Lookalike Who’s Mostly Sucked In Everything He’s Ever Done”? You wouldn’t think it would take two hours to get to the bottom of this, and you’d be right. It took closer to two hours and ten minutes.

Lali Puna – Everywhere & All Over
Chrisman – Mlinzi
Mark Stewart & The Mafia – Welcome To Liberty City
Blank Hellscape – Until It Ends
Malverne Brume – Cornered Into Sleat
Triple Negative – Suspicious Hotel
Steve Beresford – Bass-ID 9
Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies – Randolph’s Coming Home
Witches – Creature Of Nature
Carnivorous Bells – Spotlight On A Worm
Mark Feehan – String/Toggle Self Manipulation
Sir Tad – You’re Home
Los Llamarada – Outside The World
Mark Morgan – Supercomplication
James Fella and Gabriella Issac – Reference Lacquer
Chain Lynxx – Growing Again
Wednesday Knudsen – Daffodil
Nighte – Crossing The Dome
Gerard Cosloy – (If You Enjoyed The Motion Picture ‘The Menu’) Please Never Speak To Me Again