Yesterday in this W12 rec room, I witnessed two of the lovely gentlemen above having a heated dispute over whether or not Suede were any good. If you know anything about me, you’re well aware that I am something of an expert when it comes to lowering the temperature , so I tried to detour the discussion to the (true) tale about how I came to acquire a guitar previously owned by a member of Puscifer.

I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I I had a premonition about Tom Verlaine’s passing (I know someone who possesses one of TV’s old Jazzmasters), and perhaps I was hoping this non-sequitur of the century would garner me a discount on the lovingly thrashed Bonzo Dog Band LP I was waiting to purchase, but no dice. Not only were these fellas thoroughly unimpressed with my story, they refused to believe there was such a band with this name. The conversation came to a grinding halt when I admitted I couldn’t name any of the band members or any of their songs.

Anyhow, socializing at the record fair is no joke (or at the very least not a funny one)

Television – Ain’t That Nothin’ (Live At The Old Waldorf, 29 June 1978)
Television – 1880 Or So (Jools Holland, 1992)
Television – Little Johnny Jewel
Tom Verlaine – Breakin’ In My Heart
Ulrika Spacek – The Sheer Drop
Ibex Clone – Nothing Ever Changes
Breaking Circus – Home Of The Brave
Neutral – Repa
House Of All – Harlequin Duke
Angel Dean & Sue Garner – Farewell Voyager
Cube – Platform
Ron Morelli – Gun Smoke (club mix)
Slikback – Ender
King Vision Ultra – Please Leave (Nu Surveillance State Gentrifier Tears)
CIA Debutante – The Face
Triple Negative – Roll In Flames
Idea Fire Company – Lost Victories
Spectre Folk – The Pointed Horn
Karen Constance & Duncan Harrison – Live At Coachwerks (excerpt)
Howdy’s Hem – 3 (from i am a car, i am a car driver)
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans – I’d Never Heard Of Jimi Hendrix
Bride – Darkenmoss