Not since Pia Zadora’s bought-and-paid-for 1981 award for “Best New Star” has there been a Golden Globes miscarriage of justice quite like Hollywood Foreign Press’ failure to nominate “Money Plane” (dir – Andrew Lawrence) in any category. I realize most people in the entertainment world are too timid to ask the hard questions about this kind of, well, I’ll say it — BEE ESS — but I’m cut from a stronger cloth. Like the kind they make Carhartt jackets with. So look forward to TWO HOURS PLUS of deep digging into what I’m calling THE ‘FUCKING MONEY PLANE OUT OF A GOLDEN GLOBE’ SCANDAL OF 2021, with a handful of musical interludes.

Billy Woods with The Funs – Dead Birds
Speaker Music – Experience Saturation
Akai Solo – 360 Dragonfly ( (prod. Bori and DJ Blackpower)
Remy Banks w/ Rome Streetz – Beef & Broc.
Joe McPhee / Lasse Marhaug – Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
King Vision Ultra – Quattro (Death Circus)
Kostis Klymis – Crystal Drops
Reymour – Un Chien de Brigands

Alessandra Novaga – The Wound Dresser
Dylan Golden Aycock – Oozing Of Faint Reflection
Jon Camp – White Tailed Dear
Rob Noyes – Untitled
Bill Orcutt / Chris Corsano – Man Carrying Things

Crushed Butler – It’s My Life
Agony Bag – Rabies Is A Killer
Cucked Existence – I’m Cancelled
Egor – Street
Crystalized Movements – Cog
Derakushi – Red Shoes 303
USA/Mexico – Chorizo
Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers- Not A Dry Eye In The G -Unit