Each year when I read about another incident featuring trucks getting “STORROWED” in Boston (ie. they’re transporting heavy goods on Storrow Drive, oblivious to the BIG SIGNS on the overpasses reading, “CLEARANCE 10” 4’, ultimately wrecking their vehicles, cargo, etc. by getting crunchola’d underneath, aka “STORROWED”), I have the same reoccurring thought :

Wouldn’t it be MAGICAL if the original lineup of Bush (Gavin Rossdale, whoever the other schmucks are, possibly including whoever had a cup of coffee in Transvision Vamp, do not make me look this up) reunited to record a new and improved version of their 1996 Grammy nominated classic, “Swallowed”, but with new lyrics to reflect the phenomena described above? Wouldn’t “Storrowed” be the ultimate career reboot for these guys (and there’s so much footage of trucks getting “Storrowed”, you’ve got your social media assets already lined up, YOU’RE WELCOME, GAV)

Anyhow, this week’s show was meant to detail my helpful suggestion and attempts to engage Bush’s representatives, however the program’s rights clearance department — perhaps confused by my references to “CLEARANCE 10” 4’” — instead contacted the estate of C.W. McCall, which aside from not being helpful in the slightest, confused the fuck out of me because McCall is still alive (92 years old, in fact).

As is becoming the custom, I’ve had to substitute some other musical selections. Hope you can deal with it!

Magazine – I Love You You Big Dummy
Collate – Medicine
Asbestos Rockpyle – I Like Disco
Soft Shoulder – FF & Backwards
Greymouth – Scantling
GG King – Cul De Sac
Sprung Aus Den Wolken – Dub & Die
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus – Protection Rat

Deadhand x Sensational – Meanwhile
H31R – Toxic Behavior
Simo Cell – Echo Doppler
Nick Klein – Pain P.M.
Auton – Beneath The Paving Stones
Abadir – 2030

Ilia Gorovitz – Ok to Bleach
Naomiwritespoetry – Watching National Geographic To Forget About You
Entlang – Walking Into Bars
Claire Rousay – Discrete (The Market)
Roy Montgomery – Island Of Lost Souls – Soundcheck (For Adrian Borland)
Second Layer – Fixation

Last Exit – Enemy Within
Maistah Aphrica – Loh Nghibah Linh
Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller – Untitled I (from ‘In The Falls’)