Not to be outdone by Elon Musk funding Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Disney, Peter Thiel has offered to back my litigation against Light In The Attic charging full price for a bent-corner copy of Les Rallizes Denudes’ ‘Cittá 93’. It seems a little unnecessary, to be honest. If not the equivalent of blowing up an ant hill with a nuclear bomb, than at the very least exploding a gopher hole with a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast. Maybe you don’t think that’s a helpful analogy and I can’t help but be curious what sort of weaponry credentials you possess that are SO MUCH MORE impressive than mine. This is the sort of dispute that can only be settled by someone with more money than god trying to sue you out of existence over a slight real or imagined (in this case, absolutely imagined but I’ve got a long list of real ones, too).

ECOATM – Plateu
London Clay – Chemosphere
Village Of Savoonga – Deep
Longmont Potion Castle – Star People
Sour Spirit – White Gauze
Shit & Shine – Joy 03
The Bug – Fucka (Tongue As Weapon)
Water Damage – Reel E
Verity Den – Priest Boss
Mope Grooves – Pictures Of The Moon
Mope Grooves – Inside Out
Mope Grooves – Shape Of A Pocket
Mope Grooves – Last Seen
Joshua Massad & Dylan Aycock – One
Rambutan – Frozen Flower
Patois Counselors – Bands I Barely Spoke With
Ralph White – Shift
Abdoulaye & Ahmoudou – Akaline
Bolka – v scavje