a faulty microphone cable briefly derailed my long story about boring a fellow airline passenger with an even longer story about Boston’s DMZ (or more to the point, my DMZ shirt) yesterday. The entire experience left me so disoriented and disillusioned, I misidentified Peter Greenberg as “Jeff Greenberg”. I apologize to all listeners (and Peter Greenberg) for the lack of professionalism. I would consider apologizing (again) to my fellow travelersfor delaying their exit from the plane while I continued to talk about DMZ but in retrospect it seems a bit rude that not one of them bothered to thank me for letting them know DMZ’s 1978 Sire debut is readily available on Discogs for a rather modest price. There’s so many things that have gone wrong with air travel these days and with the possible exception of the side of the plane suddenly opening up and sucking out passengers, IMPATIENCE WHILE I AM DISCUSSING DMZ is at the very top of the list. #unfriendlyskies

Kareem – 3am Impermanent
Faxed – Emotional Mithering
Scythe – Genevieve
Sunik Kim – Lament X
Midnight Mines – Cuntsville USA
Violin – Obsolete
Rat Paws – Bad Arcade
Bill Orcutt Guitar Quartet – Out Of The Corner Of The Eye
Wendell Harris Jr. – ‘Chameleon Street’ trailer (1989)
Astrid Sonne – Everything Is Unreal
Leslie Smucker – Continuing Underground
Abstract Concrete – The Day The Earth Stood Still (Including Happy Village, slowly slowly slowly, FAST FORWARD/FREEZE FRAME)
Lisa Cameron / Alex Cunningham – Second Chasm
Caramel Ghost House – Nothing But The Night
Omit – Dipvoid
Rory Salter – Exhausting The Window’s Frame