good morning and welcome to episode 142 of the radio show, now playing (link in bio). This week marks a couple of important anniversaries, one being it’s now been 13 years since the passing of Public Enemy’s Johnny Grunge (fig 1, left), another being the 4th anniversary of the time the Daily Texan decided in their infinite wisdom a guy owning 400 albums was in some way newsworthy (fig 2). ?Under normal circumstances, both of these events would’ve provided rich fodder for extensive reflection and conversation, however I taped the program a couple of days early this week and didn’t remember the dates until this morning. So in the words of the guy who caused the toxic chemical train crash, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? Hopefully listen and learn.

Venetian Snares & Speedranch – Fire Beats
Equipment Pointed Ankh – From Inside The House?
Nakayama Munetoshi – Admission
georg-i – Stasis
Don Caballero – Room Temperature Lounge
Henry Cow – Nine Funerals Of The Citizen King
P. Morris – In The Garage, Talking
Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Cop Car
At War With Windsor – The Real War Was Essex
Helpful Hands – The Institute For Brain Potential
Plates Of Cake – Like I’m In Jail
Better Corners – Gallery Dept.
The Necks – Imprinting?
Sa Pa – Nonsense
UAN0023 – Buffer Del
Zyklon B Zombies – Zombie Theme
De Brassers – Neo V (Sick In Your Mind)
The Electric Nature – Old World Must Die (side two)
Leda – Covid Groove 2