during a pre-dusk hike through the lovely park behind my vast estate, I was so overcome with the beauty on display that I thought it would be a good entire to focus this week’s show around music inspired and informed by our natural environment. The air. The trees. The soil. The water. The tiny red ants that got into my right shoe and left me with a discernible limp that may or may have gone away by the time you read this.

Anyhow, I’ve listened to the two hours of music inspired and informed by our natural environment and I have come to the decision that I would prefer to feature music that doesn’t totally suck instead. I hope you understand.

music submissions (no environmental stuff, please) [email protected]
physical media (environmentally destructive, if you must) : 12XU, 3005 South Lamar Blvd, D109-403 Austin TX 78704 USA

Riverside Rocky – No Money
Exek – Beyond Currency
Levande Dod – Golden Retriever
Dan Melchior – Cowboys
Celebrity Handshake – The Future Written In Animals
Brain Tourniquet – Sanctuary
Erik Nervous – Instant This Instant That
Coral – Filling A Hole,
Algebra Suicide – Tonight
Sound Ceremony – Invitation To The Bizarre
Shit & Shine – Upside Down Cheeseburger
Lord Kayso – Uncle Mark
Saint Abdullah – Piston
Lyra Valenza – Never Rest
Lena Hessels – Questions
Military Genius – When I Close My Eyes
Pose Dia – Hack It
Cities AD – Greta
Operating Theatre – Elation After Hours
Flower-Corsano Duo – The Ship That Sailed On Dry Land
Ono – Travis Wax Madonna
Bob Bellerue and Christian Ronn – Itoku Inversions I
Astrid Øster Mortensen – Smelter Vaek