some of you might be aware i do a little of this and that in the entertainment world but I always have time for another endeavor, especially if i’m being well compensated. That’s why I am proud to announce I have agreed to represent the City Witch Anti-Defamation Council in their attempts to shake down the producers of the Amazon drama “Daisy Jones & The Six”. Simply, put the CWADS and I are insisting on a full and frank apology for the widespread mockery of city witches this program’s alleged Fleetwood Mac-inspired storyline is likely to cause. True, I have yet to actually see the show given I cannot remember my Prime Video password (and after “Loudermilk” I did promise I would never watch the platform again), but given my deep empathy for the CW lifestyle, I’m the perfect person for the gig.

This week’s show will not feature any music from the era invoked by “Daisy Jones & The Six”, not because the rights clearance dept shit the bed again, but because I’m not gonna tank the program just to prove a point. I’ll tank someone else’s, though.

John Wayne – Horrible
DJ Spanish Fly – Abcdefg
DJ Sling – A Knife In Your Back
Overtones Series – Shuffle Shack
Al Wooten – Wychwood Dub
Natural Information Society – Stigmergy
Jackie-O Motherfucker – Breakdown
Donna Allen – An Award
Jeri Rossi – I Left My Heart & I Don’t Know Where
Live Skull – Magic Consciousness
Skull Practitioners – Nelson D
FACS – Class Spectre
Mirage – La Lotta O La More
Cracked Cop Skulls – Exhausted
Institute – Admit I’m Shit
Fatal Rage – Die Lady Di
Dom – Dom
Rokker – Rock Fever
The Catburgers – Holiday House
et at it – Hippie
Triple Negative – Return Of The Living Dirt (side 1)
Blod – Ge Mig App