good morning and welcome to episode 145 of The Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours. On the eve of the annual testament To Avarice & Greed known as SXSW, let’s spare a thought for correspondent Shawn Carpetbagger, whose dogged attempts to chronicle an imaginary Info Wars showcase have been somewhat usurped by the Central Intelligence Agency having an actual presence at this year’s convention. I don’t suppose anyone is enthusiastic about having their facial biometrics obtained in order to see Third Eyed Blind on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, but that’s the state of things. You can’t spell COMPLICIT without “PIT”. ??

Apologies in advance for this week’s SPOT tribute as i neglected to include any of his recordings for The Subhumans or the Descendants. The former was an oversight, the latter was because I didn’t want to ruin the show.

Kamikaze Refrigerators – Five Day Month
The Crucifucks – Hinckley Had A Vision
The Fix – Cos The Elite
The Offenders – Face Down In The Dirt
The Stains – Gang Related Death
Black Flag – Police Story
The Dicks – Rich Daddy
Poison 13 – One Step Closer
Husker Du – Deadly Skies
Minutemen – Split Red
Phantom Tollbooth – Billie Holliday’s Nightmare
Meat Puppets – Plateau
Slovenly – Sand
Big Boys – Sound On Sound
Saccharine Trust – A Human Certainty
The Texas Instruments – Little Black Sunrise
SPOT- A Chokehold Farewell
Horse Lords – Bending To The Lash (live)
Pat Thomas – Repentance
Alle Formen Trio – The Last Time I Put On Make-Up
Brandon Lopez – Like The Edge Of A Machete
Seth Andrew Davis / Alex Cunningham / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter – Shame Splayed
Gaby Fluke-Mogul / Nava Dunkelman – Royt
Joe Morris & DKV Tri0 – Narrative
Ruth Anderson – Conversations
Anthony Moore – A Likely Outcome