Living together in close quarters is never especially easy, never mind the added pressures of pandemic-required confinement. Not everyone has the requisite patience or respect for the privacy of others to handle such situations over the long haul and for this week’s show we speak with a couple of experts on the subject who’ve been roommates for years. There’s also some music, otherwise the entire program would only be 40 seconds long.

Clock DVA – Four Hours
Street Eaters – Simple Distraction
Burnt Envelope – People In Stone Houses (Shouldn’t Throw Glass)
Tyvek – Air Conditioner
The Bell System – You Be You
Raymond & Peter – Where Are The Police
?Ground Zero – Where Is The Police? / The Bath Of Surprise
?Mack Daddy Ju – Dynamite

Elegiac – Vous Et Ici
Dale Cornish – Suomi (Grischa Lichtenberger remix)
MoMa Ready – Trust The Void
Mutant Joe – Lost In Nothing
DJ Die Soon & Max Kelan – Either Stew
Abyzou – Eternal Night
The Haters – Fire 5

Tashi Dorji & Marshall Trammell – Fleet Of Moments III
Alessandra Novaga – L.M. #2
Chris Corsano, David Maranha and Richard Youngs – We All Become Everything
Modern Nature – Rydalwater
Lea Bertucci – On Opposite Sides Of Sleep

Felicia Atkinson – Muscari