the key to keeping this show atop the Mixcloud charts every week is that I don’t overpromise / under-deliver. While the (ahem) competition offer guarantees of something truly explosive, incendiary, etc., I’m very comfortable the whole “niche” nature of this sort of thing, realizing that many of you are using this program as some sort of mood/vibe enhancement while you’re performing all-important tasks on behalf of your paymasters (ie. firing a third of all the staff acquired in a recent takeover, evicting families during a pandemic, proofreading Trevor Bauer’s social media posts, etc.) As always, this episode is neither the greatest broadcast of all time, nor is it the worst experience ever suffered by a thinking person (ie. a Steve Blush podcast). It’s somewhere squarely in the middle of the road, sort of like the band Train (who ironically, did not actually travel by rail), without actually featuring the music of Train (see rights clearance department failures , previous episodes)


tracklist :

The Gordons – Machine Song
Bonnie Mercer & YLP – Linda Goodman’s Love Signs
Tristan Kasten -Krase – Dawn Looming
Little Skull – Lower Home Reach, track 1
John Sharkey III – Shoot Out The Speed Cameras
“Back To Back Mixtapes” – from London Pirate Radio Adverts vol. 1

Hypnotizing Chickens – Button Down Asshole
P Wits – Tender Blades Of Nihilism
Couch – Error
Civic – Tell The Papers
Builders – Bedrock Bay
Germ House – Bottled At The Source
Julian Teakle – Here Comes The Bloodless Creeps
Sorrow Family Band – Friends

Model Home + Saint Abdullah – Remembrance
Stallone The Reducer – Do The Seatbelt
Lonesaw – Barbed Wire Church
Serpente – Em Sendo
Unglee Izi – S.1.W / Securite du Premier Monde

Sonya Waters – Dreamland Grasses
Harry Deerness – Marro