(episode 149 of The Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours now playing, link in bio)??this past week’s Caitlin Clark / Angel Reese imbroglio* had my mind racing. For starters, while I cannot and will not abide the criticisms of the latter, perhaps this episode can serve as a reminder of the importance of humility and acting-like-you’ve-been-there-before. Unless you haven’t been there before, in which case it seems like it would be a hugely wasted opportunity to simply take a bow. For instance, this program is on the brink of its third anniversary and not only am i prepared to MILK THE OCCASION TO FUCKING DEATH, but I am also compiling a list of every individual, band or entity that has referred to the show as “a mix” or “a playlist”. If you think that after more than 300 hours of highly original program I am above using such disrespectful comments as bulletin board material, chances are you’ve not listened to more than say, 20 or 30 of those hours.

There’s no such thing as micro-aggressions, and it doesn’t take a thousand paper cuts to inflict real and lasting damage (850 should do it). One of the few things still being manufactured in this country is outrage and I’ve got enough stockpiled over to last another 300 hours or until each of you apologizes, whichever comes first.

(due to yet another failure on the part of the rights clearance department, this week’s show does not feature any music by Natalie Imbroglio)

Del Jones’ Positive Vibes – Times Are Hard, Friends Are Few
Kano – P’s and Q’s
Q-Unique – Knevil Reeves (feat. Fieldy)
Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary – Being Lovesick Is My Trend
Eimer Reidy & Natalia Baylis – A Shelter Of Junipurs
Jack Cooper – Variations VII & IX (excerpt)
Richard Youngs – Mind On Mind
Glittering Insects – Screaming Ghosts – Pt. I
Rocket 808 – House Of Jackpots
Kate Carr – Making Do #8 (Gong and Guitar)
Andrew Moon & P. Wits – Straight At The Sun Through A Piece Of Dark Glass
Thomas Herberer / Joe Fonda / Joe Hertenstein – The Closer You Are, The Further It Gets
Feldman / Rempis / Daisy – Ostro
Steve Gunn & David Moore – Paper Limb
New Hard Folk – The Lope Of The Camel