we’re on the precipice of the most dangerous weekend on the 2023 city of Austin calendar, an event so rife with potential for mayhem, it’s worse than the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally, Clyde Littlefield Relays and the Austin Psych Fest combined. I am of course referring to Zilker Park’s annual orgy of ultra violence the AUSTIN KITE FEST, which aside from being BORING A.F. (I am told this stands for “as fuck”, but it could also mean “and feeble”) represents a unique challenge for our beleaguered police department who are somehow expected to maintain the peace on nearly HALF BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. On this week’s show, we’ll be raising funds to affix a giant cannon (sound or munitions — whichever costs more) to a SWAT tank much like the one shown above (albeit a more modern edition with leather seats). Since this program’s listeners mostly consist of wildly affluent people and not-nearly-as wealthy people who have an irrational hatred of kites, i fully expect we can close the gap between nearly half a billion dollars and a half billion dollars.

Peter Jefferies – Chain or Reaction
Still House Plants – Getting Murky
normil hawaiians – The Beat Goes On (peel session)
Witness K – I Wanted The Word Magnetism to Describe Their Relationship
Ale Hop & Laura Robles – Son de los diablos
CIA Debutante – Cabinet Minister
At War With Windsor – Dancing With A Chipped Spine
Dow Jones & The Industrials – Ladies With Appliances
Sharp Pins – Bettie Wait
Simon Joyner & The Echoes – The Arsonist
Abadir – Side A, ‘Melted’
Olivia Mutant John + Wong Travolta – Spectre
L/F/D/M – Beyond The 7th
Ekoplekz – North By Southwest
UAN0025 – #530_TM
Plastikman – Konception
Scott Johnson – Good For Itself
Nod – Ghost Ride
Winter Drones – Stiff Wizard
Eyes Of The Amaryllis – Wild Strawberries