if you’re gonna propose horrible hybrid pseudo-sports, why not a combination of polo and swimming? Except minus the horses, you can play it in a swimming pool. Look, you can have this idea for free, I’m nothing if not magnanimous. The copyright holders of Slamball, Rugball and rugburn were all unavailable for comment, so this is another mostly-music episode. I’M SURE YOU’LL (JULIAN) COPE.

tracklist :

The Lloyd Pack – A Poolside Chat
The Maltese Falcons – Honey, Bring Back The Car
Afflicted Man – Senseless Whale Slaughter
GG King – Sad & Crazy For A Long Time
Bob Hund – Lange Lange
Ophelia / Wits / Reid – We Live In A Fuckin’ Hole
Richard Francis – C.28

Ivan Zoloto – Elevator Scene
Carl Stone – Auburn
Nappy Nappa – A Tym Eternally Kept
1995 Epilepsy – Grows
Akai Solo & BSTFRND – Red Wolves?
1127 – Fragmented Thought Train
Two Dogs In A House – Sequence One

Maxine Funke – Lucky Penny
Dura – Symbols
Seth Chrisman & Andrew Weathers – Franconia
Anne Guthrie – The Goldbeater’s Skin
Jim Haynes – When The Sky Burned

Luke Stewart & Patrick Shiroishi – Staying Human
Clandestine Quartet – Thank You, Mr. Jackpots