In 2001, Sharon Stone gifted her then-husband, SF Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein with a private tour of the Los Angeles Zoo. The occasion took a turn for the tragic when Bronstein’s foot was attacked by a Komodo dragon (“the zookeeper suggested he remove his white shoes and socks because the lizard might mistake them for the white rats they feed him. The Komodo dragon then attacked Bronstein’s foot, crushing his big toe in its jaws, while groups of children pressed their horrified faces against the glass.”)

I was hopeful the VHS tape shown above was a documentary about this incident but instead, it turned out to be a 1999 “thriller” (not my words) about a family holiday interrupted by a murderous Komodo dragon. The sole survivor is sent to counseling when no one believes his story, and his therapist (played by former L&O fixture Jill Hennessy) advises visiting the scene of the slaughter in order to find closure.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but Hennessy’s professional advice really sucks.

This week’s episode doesn’t really have anything to do with Komodo dragons, Sharon Stone or Jill Hennessy. I just needed to vent a little – I hope you understand.

“Komodo is a 1999 horror thriller film directed by Michael Lantieri. On a holiday with his parents, fifteen-year-old Patrick (Kevin Zegers witnesses them get attacked and killed. The shock prevents Patrick from remembering what happened, and he is assigned to young psychiatrist Victoria Juno (Jill Hennessy for help. Patrick attempts to come to terms with his loss, but when he and his aunt Annie return to the scene, Patrick must face the creature responsible for their demise”

Rights clearance issues have prevented me from featuring any dialogue from “Komodo”, however I would like to point out the part of “Hippie” was played by musician Nique Needles, whose discography includes stints in The Curse, Freak Power, Doghouse and Box Monsters. This week’s show doesn’t feature any of their music either, though not due to rights clearance issues for once . They’re just not very good.

Warsaw Pakt – Nosebleed
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – Can’t Kill Stupid?
CIA Debutante – Pier
?Der Plan – I Want To Sing Like Ella ?
Hprizm – AKA Radiator
?Hannah Peel – Electricity
?Pete Um – Britain Is Full
?Roger Robinson & The Black Space Quartet – Seasons?
Sleep Sinatra with Teller Bank$ – Chemistry Class
?Al Doum & The Faryds – Weed & Love

??Stefan Christensen – Discreet Hero ?
Savage – No Cause To Kill
Witchfynde – Give ‘em Hell
?Kontaminate – Nothing Inside
?Aluk Todolo – IV XII MMX
?Serpente – Nivel de Chama

??Peter Kris – A Village Called Pagat
Francis Plagne – IV ?
Princess Demeny – New York Grief ?
Mirage – Natalya
?Facit – The Bookshelf Moves
?Powers / Rolin Duo – Drifts

?Alexandra Spence – Bell, Fern
?Russell Walker – Tomorrow We Form The Penney Gang?
KMRU -Inter Alia??