Though I think he could’ve done with a better shirt for his byline photo, I am in 100% agreement with The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage (IF THAT’S HIS REAL NAME) that self-styled live-tweeters are worse than Hitler — their lack of self-control and selfishness in disclosing tv BOMBSHELLS not only ruins the big surprise for those of us actually doing something interesting with our lives during prime-time viewing hours, but also does a massive disservice to those who’ve worked so very hard on these binge-tastic programs.

I am speaking of course, of CTV’s 1998 series “Learning The Ropes” and the torturous will-they-or-won’t-they storyline between Robert Randall (Lyle Alzado) and Carol Dixon (Cheryl Wilson). Though I had hoped the series would culminate with the entire cast being devoured by giant anacondas, surely I should be allowed to proceed through the episodes at my leisure without having the ending spoiled by some desperate-4-attention social media fuckface.

Swordman Kitala with O’Flynn and Ekhe- Heat Flexx
MC Yallah – Miniboss
Surgeon – Masks & Archetypes ?JK Flesh – Gutter Level
The Dismasters – Small Time Hustlas
MF Grimm Do It For The Kids
Mass Productions – Addict
Kinlaw – Effected Signaler (ft. Yao Bobby)
Junk DNA – Enclave
Sign Crushes Motorist – I threw a rock off an overpass and killed a guy
Huh – Spilled Beer
Black Eyes – False Positive
Antietam – Concord
?? TASTE – Gin Moon
M.O.A.B. – Born In Hell
XV – Tasmanian Angels
Organ Donor – Transplant Rejection
Cartoon – Cuckoo
Turner Williams Jr. – Landslide In Reverse
Ocrilim – Charr
Meg Baird – Beatles and the Stones