So I got a call from CSTB business affairs late Sunday night letting me know the company had sold a majority share to the PESKY MEDIA GROUP, which was very exciting to me as I grew up a very big fan of Johnny Pesky and reckoned anything having to do with him (or his Pesky Pole) must be a wonderful organization. I’ve since been informed this has nothing to do with Johnny Pesky and there’s some sort of ties to Donald Trump and claims they’ve received investments from what some consider to be a a murderous regime with no patience for human rights. Still, I think I have to look at the big picture. You might even say I have no choice whatsoever, but just think of all the synergistic opportunities this will provide for me and the program. So what if they’ve told me I can no longer play anything by The Dismemberment Plan, it’s not like I was going to anyways. Big deal if I can no longer play The Effigies’ “Body Bag”, do you have any idea how long it was going to take me to find that single in all the fucking boxes of records stacked up to the ceiling over here. They’ve done me a favor, really (that and the promise not to have me chopped into little pieces). Some of the details about the sale are covered in this week’s episode, but as always, it’s mostly music because I realize you’re all fucking shit at paying attention.

Compactor – New Boss
Beau Wanzer – I Need A Vacation
Sofheso – cfyhhbb
Yuko Araki – A Fable Of Utopia
Seefeel – Fracture??Behavior & Mayako XO – Horseshoe
Permits – Negative Heart
Smirk – NWO
The Reflections – Tightrope Walker
Aeroplane Footsteps – Arabia
The Dictaphone – Less The More
Astrid Oster Mortensen – Can I Still Call?
M. Sage – Sail Shaped Light
Greymouth – Aerials In Summer
Sarcastic Burn Victim – Please Note The Pterodactyl Is Also A Ninja
DS 13 – DIY Killed By The Kids
Senyawa – Istana
Axebreaker – Prepare For War
Klimek – Back Against The Sea
Derek Monypeny – Yoncalla/Drain
Flies Inside The Sun – The Black Ship
Steve Baczkowski & Ravi Padmanabha – Extension 2
Miya Masaoka, Zeena Parkins and Myra Melford – Eight-burst