I must admit, it was a little hard to (ahem) curate this week’s show as I, like many of you, am overcome with PLAYOFF FEVER. Whether imy favorite basketball team’s heroic attempts to win a championship for one of the world’s worst humans (and one of the top 5 worst guitar players) or my favorite hockey team’s heroic atempt to win a championship for the very same worst human (and embarrassment to all-things-guitar), I’m not sure how I am meant to focus on music this spring. The first time I tried inhalants I envisioned sacrifices as having something or other to do with killing for satan, but in the many years (ok, weeks) since I did those inhalants, I have come to understand that true sacrifice means hard work (ie this radio show) and putting a cause above your own self interests. The second part of that should really be optional, but as the saying goes DON’T MENTION THE SCORE, some of us are recording the greatest radio program of all time while the rest of you are watching the game

MGun – Extort
Al Wootton – Tone Circle
Sanam – Oulo La Emma
Lord Spikeheart – 4AM In The Mara ft. DJ Die Soon
Young Ginns – We Are Buildings
Leeway – Marathon
Bitches Sin – Always Ready For Love
Witchfinder General – Free Country
Dead Meadow – Dusty Nothing
Couch Slut – You Could Do It Tonight
E- Living Waters
Double Morris – The Cost
Beings – Happy To Be
Chuck Johnson – Cypress Suite
Winged Wheel – Clean Blue Shelf
Phelimuncasi & Metal Preyers – Last Flutter
Mind Crush – Head Rush
Bobby Would – All I do
Oidopuaa Vladimir Olin – I Am Sitting On A Steep Slope