The following press release comes to us courtesy of Aggronautix, who’ve previously enthralled the collector community with multiple G.G. Allin bobbleheads :

thanks to underground fiction’s most talented scumfucs, GG is cast in a series of adventures that truly befit his outlaw spirit. In these pages, GG Allin is a secret agent, engaging in cult-smashing missions in exchange for dirty sex with George and Barbara Bush. He’s a shit-eating, spaceship-piloting and time-traveling savior of humanity. He’s an orisha, called upon to save prisoners from ‘roid rage mutant guards. He’s one half of a deepfried onion ring ouroboros with his soulmate John Wayne Gacy. He’s thousands of clones living inside your giant robot body.

“Blood For You” is a 190 page 8.5″ x 5.5″ book edited by MP Johnson and Sam Richard and published by WeirdPunk Books.