I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Vitus Borkalitus to the program”s social media team. Vitus recently made headlines in a national newspaper for his innovative work at a top Google-ranked online eyeglass retailer and I’ve no doubt his methodology and wealth of experience in customer service is exactly what this show and our partnet companies require going forward. I understand he’s had a few run ins with law enforcement on the East Coast, but I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance. Or in Vitus’ case, a 6th, 7th or 8th chance.

The Presence – Struck By A Disquieting Muse
CDG – Audiophiles
Regional Justice Center – Sickness On Display
DYE – Save The Planet
Halluncination – Combat Conditions
Electric Chair – Social Capital
Nag – The Drum Demands Order
Darline Victor All-Star Band – Positive Attraction
Lea Bertucci – A Visible Length Of Light
Maria Chavez & Jordi Wheeler – Crossing Some Territory
Bendik Giske – High
Una Lee – Rain On Us
Jacken Elswyth – Improvisation For Bowed Banjo, Shruti Box
Teresa Winter?? – Motto Of The Wheel
Ceramicist – You Died
Rob Noyes / Joseph Allred – Stutter Study
CJA – Torch
Claire Rousay & Patrick Shiroishi – Brushed Too Hard
Mia Clarke / Andy Moor – Guitargument pt. 1
Isasa – Cuesta Rámon