In retrospect, perhaps it wasn’t a great idea to enlist Vitaly Borkalitus as this program’s new head of marketing, social media and customer service. Admittedly, i was aware of his prior history of threatening / doxing / stalking persons who’d publicly complained about his previous online activities in the eyeglass trade, but I honestly believed he’d turned over a new leaf. Regrettably, after his recent appearance in the New York Times (I think this is this 6th item in the past decade), I have come to understand that his conflict resolution methods do not reflect the values of this show. I would like to offer a complete and total apology to everyone whose credit card details he’s shared and if you were amongst the 20 or so people he sent dead rats to, I am truly sorry. When he said his favorite Met was Dave Kingman during the job interview, I just presumed he liked free swingers (and who doesn’t).

AH Kraken – Kevin Costner Est Un Acteur American
Bootlicker – Hunting
Shit Rockets – Transportation Perverts
Territorial Gobbing – McDonalds Is A Flat Circle
Kyoufu Shinbun – Meta-Noiz
Heavy Metal – I Am Something
Luggage – Wealth
Tomaga – Bachelor Machines
Saint Abdullah – Chief Clerk
Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt – Demands Of Ordinary Devotion
Persona – Beneath My Screen
tK – Wind Farm
Simona Zamboli – Ethernity
Flora Yin-Wong – Wood For The Trees
FUJI||||||||||TA – nNami
Eric Arn – Warpage In The Figures
Steven R. Smith – Needle In The Pinfield
Shirese – After The Paramedics Came
Jessica Ackerley – Morning
Chris Corsano / Bill Orcutt – King Size Coffin
Instant Composers Pool – September Song
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe / Zeena Parkins – ReWire Festival, 5/9/21