LOOKING 4 LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES, LOOKING 4 LOVE IN TOO MANY FACES. With sincere apologies to Johnny Lee, post-divorce has been a rough ride for Disturbed vocalist David Draiman and who amongst us cannot sympathize. It seems like a blown opportunity for Blabbermouth not to launch their own dating app, perhaps one with different tiers (premium status for anyone that’s been in a late-stage lineup of Static-X, etc.), but instead let’s focus on how we can help David meet that special someone. If you’re interested in a casual or long-term relationship with the voice and mind behind 2000’s “Down With The Sickness”, please forward your photograph (SFW only, please) and your turn-ons/turn-offs to this program’s headquarters and I promise all materials will be forwarded by hand (ANALOG STYLE) to a trusted member of Team Draiman. Please enjoy this week’s program, despite the mental image of David Draiman scrolling thru a dating site.

(fund raiser for the family of Rob Laakso )

Paris – Break The Grip Of Shame
E-Saggila – Dripper
UAN0026 – Mute
Teresa Winter – Spiral Dance
Model Home – Du Without
DAF – Der Mussolini
REQ & Rob Euroh – Hissforce 55
ESG – Moody
Coffin Prick – Laughing
Long Odds – Both Sides Now
Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre – Darling Range
The Wicked Farleys – Not Up
Raw Bell – Round & Round
Derek Monypeny – FFF
Post Moves – Exit The Tragedy , Enter The Comedy
Eve Adams – On The Street In America
Charles Curtis, Alan Licht, Dean Roberts – May ’99 side a
Warm Currency – Winter / Copper
Lavender Flu – I Am Not Willing
Susan Drone – Stupor Mundi