one of these buttons makes the program a dynamic, wildly varied musical smorgasbord with an expertly delivered narrative enouciated with the most mellifluous of voices. Another button plunges the entire affair into a one-dimensional, murky morass, with feeble excuses mumbled every hour or so by a host whose tone can charitably be described as inconsolable.

The bottom line is I haven’t slept properly in over a week and I can no longer remember which button is which. If i were a betting man (and after a recent disastrous trip to Nevada, I’m not sure I’m betting _or_ a man) I would opt for scenario B, but who can really say for certain.

Maybe there’s a button that opens a trap door. Or another that launches the missiles towards Williamson County. Or another still that commissions an op-ed that examines the ramifications of bodega sushi. The only way to find out for certain is to listen to this week’s show in it’s glorious entirety.

Roxy Gordon – Living Life as a Living Target
Califone – The Habsburg Jaw
V/Z – Candles
Vladislav Delay – Assembly Pt. 1
Grey Windowpane – Oh, Here’s My Skull
Vehement Inversion – I’ve Never Seen A Brighter Grey
Marcellus Pittman – Facid Truncation
Das Ding – Infinite Lives, Infinite Ammo
Africans With Mainframes – Anachronistic
Flux Of Pink Indians – Tube Disaster
Pyrex – Conditioner
Non Compos Mentis – Ultimate Orgasm
Daughter Of The Vine – Radio
Wussy – Funeral Dress
The Spatulas – Mother Brother
Germ House – Topping The Heap
Roy Montgomery & Emma Johnston – Dear Imprudence
Brent Cordero & Peter Kerlin – White Supremacy In Blackface
Abdul Wadud – Expansions
Water Damage – FUCK THAT Reel 13
Ayany Jowi – David Yambo