Over the weekend while attending a very glamorous music festival, I overheard a fellow wondering out loud why venues / stage managers cannot employ the most rudimentary of means to stop bass drums from sliding all over the place (perhaps a series of hooks or a curved plastic fixture). Much as I hated to play mr. know-it-all, I carefully explained in my least condescending tones that such efforts would fall short due to the vast resources of BIG CINDERBLOCK. People don’t like to talk about how the cinderblock lobby has a stranglehold on this aspect of live entertainment and with good reason. Those things can do a lot of damage and no one wants to have their skull rearranged by a falling cinderblock. This show, however, is all about truth-telling regardless of risks posed to yours truly so strap your yourself in for TWO HOURS of explosive revelations about the cinderblock industry’s pervasive influence.

Dynamic Truths – Total Victory
Honor Role – Lives Of The Saints #135
Coral – Lucky
Battered Youth – New Patriot
Honor Role – Purgatory
Coral – Filling A Hole
The Divided Body – No Bridge
Sharp Pins – Every Time I Hear
Shortcuts – Satellite
Antenna – Don’t Cry
Memo PST – Chipped Teeth
Puppet Wipes – Fire Pit
Anonymous Carpeting – Scab Thief
Dredd Foole & The Din- Sanctuary
Ecka Mordecai – A Unit Has No Unity
Felicia Atkinson – A Swan
TAR – Ashrar RMX
Supreme Low – Hash
Lori Vambe – Drumming
Susie Ibarra – Waterfalling
Krikor – Captivation Riddim
Hieroglyphic Being – In The Coming Days of Acid
Dave Rempis / Tashi Dorji Duo – Ask For The Impossible
Liam Grant/Devon Flaherty/Grayson McGuire – Dry and Dusty
Myriam Gendron – Look Down That Lonesome Road