as some of you might be aware, July’s issue of The Wire features an (otherwise) comprehensive overview of the internet radio phenomenon and while the issue is hardly without merit, the glaring omission of this program looms over the proceedings like a nuclear cloud. Do you have any idea what it is like for me to suffer a slight of this magnitude, to forever have people calling me “the Susan Lucci of online radio” or “the Fran Tarkenton of mixcloud”. Dave Mustaine famously claimed in “Some Kind Of Monster” that he could not walk down the street without being verbally abused by strangers and while I laughed at the time (having once verbally abused Dave Mustaine on the street), I can now say I fully understand where he’s coming from. ??I can’t promise I’ll get past this. But I’m willing to try – that’s how much I care about you.

Teenage Wasteband – Lil’ Animals / Bloody Hand
Assault & Battery – Self Destruction
Siege – Grim Reaper
Don Streat – Criminal Vision
Rocket 808 – Let Me Pass
Bassholes – 12 Cockroach Blues
Florry – Older Girlfriend
Strapping Fieldhands – He’s A Chart Topper!
The Clean – Hold On To The Rail (live)

Jack Cooper / Jeff Tobias – Wicken
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe / Ariel Kalima – Majick Creek
Slikback – Optimal
Zuli – Where Do You Go
Mother Nature & Boathouse – Static Mode (feat. Dave Coresh)
Glyn Maier – Memoria
Wendy Lavone – Give Me Back My Ball

Beyt Al Tapes – Centaur?
Tomaga & Pierre Bastian – Movement 2
Exek – Several Souveniers
Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands – Contact Sports

Tom Carter & Shawn McMillen – Colors For JR
Ueda Takayasu – Die Karpfen Streamer
Jan Jelinek – A Concert For Television?
Maxine Funke – Goodbye