Though I gather it’s in vogue (as opposed to En Vogue, who famously collaborated with Roger Clinton) to mock a former commander in chief for storing crucial documents in what appears to be the guest toilet, I might not be in a position to judge. For instance, that’s my living room (above). If someone were to ask me where to find a pair of scissors, a flashlight, a daily dose of don’t-stab-everyone medication, I would have no idea where to locate those items. But if you want a 50-count box of a long defunct (most likely Austin) band’s masterpiece, I’m your man. PLEASE ENJOY THIS WEEK’S OBLIVION ACCESS PREVIEW SPECIAL

Weeds – Wheatfields
The Tubs – Dead Meat
Bathhouse – Ideal Specimen
Simply Saucer – Here Come The Cyborgs, Pt. 2
Up-Tight – Sweet Sister
Radio/Guitar – 02
Lupo Citta – Only In Love
Soft-Bodied Humans – Core-Braver (feat. Swordsman Kitala)
Perc – Resistor (Tassid Remix)
Madteo – Reach The Bourgeois but Still Rock The Boulevard
Monolake – Mass Transit Railway
Memorials – Kind Of Beyond
Baiza / Fogel / Shiroishi – V
Don Cherry – Taste Maker
Zoh Amba & Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt – What Emptiness Do You Gaze Upon
Final – Smeared Air
Heavy Winged – The Hum Of The Universe