The lead topic for this week’s program was meant to address rumors of the Saudi Royal Fund’s alleged attempts to launch an event that would go head to head with Pittsburgh’s Skull Fest, but at the last minute I had to opt for a mostly musical episode as none of the scheduled guests turned up. In fact, it seems they’re all missing, which I am sure is a huge coincidence and it will be no time at all before they are returned to their families (fully intact). In the meantime, I am happy to report the Saudi Royal Fund has instead acquired the I.P. for a meme template that allows you to create your own Skull Fest lineup. I’ll not be participating (admittedly, it does look like fun). Everyone has a line they absolutely will not cross and I suppose you could say this is mine.

Herbal Mixture – Tailor Made
Groundhogs – Cherry Red (Live)
Tony T.S. McPhee – The Hunt
Groundhogs – Strange Town
Helen – Felt This Way
Neptune – Clocks
Duppy – Bare Trainers
Model Home – Fault Finder
Mag-Amplitude – I Like To Rock & I Love To Roll
PUFFER – Iron Hand
Da Slyme – Violence, Anarchy, Baby, Mother, Daddy-o Digig
Jim Marlowe – Two Websites Play Each Other
UAN 0027 – The Means Means Ends
John Butcher, Andy Moor & Thomas Lehn – Thermal
Labradford – Experience The Gated Oscillator
Archeus – kechi zu so
Matthew Shipp – Clocks
Felicia Atkinson – You Have To Have Eyes
Peter Wright – Midnight Orange