episode 215 comes to you the morning after I suffered through the laughably bad “Kim’s Video” documentary and like anyone else with a functioning noggin I awoke wondering if there was an means with which I could recover the $4.99 and 120 minutes of my precious time. Which also poses the question, in this advanced era and living in one of the nation’s tech hotbeds, am I entirely certain there isn’t a method that would allow me to go back in time and instead choose to watch the show about the flying dragons or maybe the “30-For-30” about Sid Fernandez’ prank phone calls. I mean, we’ll explore ALL THE OPTIONS on this week’s show and yes, that is an official disclaimer.

Theo Parrish – I Can’t Take It
Zuli – Myth//
Sensational – Slide With Me
Beau Wanzer – Shitty Cough
Sprung Aus Den Wolken – Dub & Die
King Diamond – speaking words
Celebrity Handshake – The Boy Born With A Face Who Didn’t Want One
Paprika – Let’s Kill Punk
King Frog – Mosaic No. 2
Magik Markers – Arlo Guthrie Held Me On His Lap As A Baby
Gabie Strong – Becoming Animal
The Holocaust Click – Don’t Tezt The Holocaust
Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith – Lake Pt. 2
Madteo – Big Stack Attack
Lori Vambe – Drumgita
Sumac – World Of Light (Moor Mother Remix)
Kim Cass – Levs
nnirror – stolen from the collective unconscious (deformed DALL-E image of a hypercube in C & G)
Kevin – Cloud Cover
Daniel Bachman – Daybreak (In The Awful Silence)