As we hit episode #111, far too many of you are consumed with the burning question, “is it appropriate to wear a Falling Down Fuckface t-shirt to a congressional hearing”? You might as wonder aloud about wearing a Fang shirt to a job interview (which might work out quite well if the position was selling Fang merch), it means little to me as I’m devoted to staying above the fray. No distractions. Eyes on the prize (which might not work out well if the prize is a Fang shirt)

You might be familiar with the expression, “with great taste, comes great responsibility.: well, I don’t want great responsibility. I don’t want great taste, I want tuna that tastes good.

I’ve also heard it said that those who are tyrannical about great taste end up sad and alone, and I’m confident I’ll have no worries on that score because I’m fantastic at tolerating everyone else’s terrible taste and moronic opinions (unless you’ve got something to say about a past or present Oath Keeper’s casual tuesday attire)

OD-EX – What Comes Next
E-Saggila – Dripper
Pessimist – WPN-1 (Original Mix)
Moor Mother – RAP JASM (feat. Akai Solo & Justmadnice)
Wu-Lu – Road Trip
XYX – Momento Ácido Contemporáneo ?
Vomitatrix – Chloroform Smells Good On You
Unsanitary Napkin – Peter Thiel (Literal Fucking Vampire)
The Maps – My Eyes Are Burning
Wire – Two People In A Room (6th Demo Session)
The Ones – The Dog Said Yeah
Stairway – If It Pleases You
London Rave Adverts – Telepathy Man
A.L. Guillen – Second Solar Dance
DJ Overdose – Wrecknology
Arthur King – Eigg Electric
Julie Moon, Madalyn Merkey – Room Study No. 1, Part 1
Peter Wright – Magpies Attack On The Back Road To Albert Town
Portron Portron Lopez – Dinosaure
Rudolph Grey & Rashid Ali – Implosion 73
Magic Tuber Stringband – Wolves In The Woods
Little Skull – track 2 from ‘Untitled
Gu-N – B2 from ‘Gu-n’