The cover of the new issue of Time Magazine declares “INTO THE METAVERSE : The Next Digital Era Will Change Everything”, to which I can only say I sure as fuck hope so because the current digital era BLOWS. I had a series of meetings with a gang of Austin tech pencil necks who devised a scheme in which this show would jettison the tired, played-out podcast/mixcloud format and it’s triple digit (at best) listenership in favor of making me the resident DJ on Roblox. I was totally prepped for this paradigm shift (sorry Mox) but when they showed me the prototype of my avatar, it was a dead fucking ringer for Chuck Colson. I gave them specific, detailed instructions that I was supposed to look like a more bad ass version of Darryl Porter (you know, like in real life) and they thoroughly botched the job.

To make matters worse, I’m in no position to take legal action before this bogus, virtual-me starts spinning at Roblox. My entire portfolio went down faster than Tim Weatherspoon thanks to some ill-advised Web 3.0 investments, but I have a pretty good explanation. As anyone who really knows me will attest, I frequently fall asleep when anyone other than me is talking, and the entire time I was being pitched on Web 3.0, I groggily thought they were talking about WEBB 3.0 (ie. cloning Spud Webb, which still seems like a terrific idea that any intelligent person would invest in). Maybe I should’ve realized something was off as they weren’t calling it SPUD 3.0 (again, this sounds more appealing) but I don’t know how much listening to other people you reasonably expect me to do before I pass out.

Anyway, please try to enjoy this week’s show despite everything I’ve been through. Thank you.

Big L – Fed Up Wit The Bullshit
Saint Abdullah & Eomac – At The Opposite Pole of Architectural Virtue
DJ Hrizen & Cheb Terro – Cyber Phonk
Emma DJ – Unlock The Level Of Hahaha
Gr()undHummm – 7th Turntable From Hell
Loprofile – Exhale (Extended Mix)
Broshuda – Gakker
Fuxter Schittly – Enormously Tall
Noda & Wolfers – The Transient Purpose of Echo
Evicshen – Inguinal
Vision 3D – Rien A Dire
I Am The Fly – The Ugliest Part Of Your Body Is Your Brain
Viletones – Screaming Fist
Sick Thoughts – Smash The Mirror
Jack Ruby – Bad Teeth
Bobby Would – Working Against Time
Movietone – The Voice Came out of the box and dropped into the ocean
Shoc Corridor – In An Empty Room
David Nance – I Wanna Scream About It Now
Not Drowning, Waving – Frogs
Madrigal – Places
Bailter Space – Skin
Vivienne Styg -Rich Man’s Commodity
Jakub Šimanský – In The Sacred Groves Of Barbaricum
Michael O’Shea – Anfa Dásaschtach
Gabby Fluke-Mogul – Love Song IIII
Smegma – Code 61