for this week’s episode, i attempt (and fail) to get to the bottom of why John Salley’s searing 2011 interview with Ed Asner for the latter’s inexplicably short-lived “Game On!” series is not mentioned in either thespian (or in Saley’s case, thespian-basketball player’s) Wikipedia entry. Even stranger, “Game On!” is not currently available via any streaming service. Shouldn’t there be streaming provider devoted to this sort of thing, kind of like Light In The Attic? Maybe they could take this up — it would surely reach a more savvy audience than the Black Angels covering Roky Erickson. I don’t know if this is a million dollar idea, but it’s absolutely a thousand dollar idea and who amongst us couldn’t use an extra thousand dollars.

There’s some music this week as well, mostly because John Salley’s interviews are pretty short. STAND BACK AND LEARN, DAVID SUSSKIND.

Mutators – Stevie Wonder Can See?
Holy Tongue – Curse Removing
Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble – Posa Na Bika
Madam Data – An end to endings: a war to end wars: the lie. An ethnography of the vacuum, writ in spinal fluid and dark matter. We have come to know that we are not luminous; only opaque beyond understanding, unending and inevitable
Maistah Aphrica – G. Weah
Parashi – Rats In Paradise
Phew – Into The Stream
Fursaxa – Rodeo In The Sky
Klas Trollius – Över Ett Fält
P Wits / Luke Shaw – Coma (side A)
The Sundae Painters – Thin Air
Kathleen Yearwood Ordeal – Requiem
Leila Bordreuil / Zach Rowden – No. 3
Lucy Miller & The Dog Roses – Johnny’s By The Water
Claire Rousay & More Eaze – 21 Cents Flat And Yearning
Nobukazu Takemura – In The Room -Roof-Wood
Ted Byrnes – Preparation
David Dove & Jawwaad Taylor – A Eye Always On You