This is always one of the more exciting weeks on the summer calendar as we approach THE REPROBATE TRADING DEADLINE ; is your favorite franchise a buyer or seller? Is it time to flip Sammytown for future prospects? Might two contractual albatrosses be swapped for each other, say, Varg Vikernes straight up for John Hinckley Jr.? Anyone who tells you they know exactly what’s gonna happen between now and next Tuesday is lying but baseless speculation really soaks up the time in a long show. So join me, live from the offices of Scenic Promotions as we contemplate the most grim of stretch runs.

(above : war room celebrates the exchange of former Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin for a used copy of Neil Strauss’ ‘The Truth : An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships’)

Francis Inferno Orchestra – Mongrel
Ron Morelli – Natural Deaths
An-i – Rubble
Forest Lung – Hypnic Saltbath
Arthur Russell – In The Light Of A Miracle
Lisa Cameron & Ernesto Diaz Infante – Somebody To Shove
Death Machine Broke – Colf Course
Last Days Of May – Rangeland/Bewitched
The Dream Syndicate – Then She Remembers (live 1982)
Luxor Rentals – Permanent Green Light
Prison – Hold The Building / Up The Prison Within
Emergency Group – Five (Crisis In Mono)
Pauline Hogstrand – Magnitude