if you’re like me (and I suspect a few of you are), you’ve had your fill with biopics / miniseries chronicling the pseudo-genius/pathological bullshit of modern times’ more notorious entrepreneurs. Elisabeth Holmes, the jagbag from Uber, whoever invented the Blackberry, this fucking Beanie Baby movie (?!), you know THEY EVEN MADE A FILM ABOUT THE GUY WHO INVENTED THE INTERMITTENT WINDSHIELD WIPER.

I guess what I’m asking is, with all of these projects with questionable entertainment / educational value, why has no one attempted to get a film or series off the ground about the person responsible for THE DONUT HOLE. I mean, fuck off Robert Oppenheimer, let’s talk about an innovation that actually benefitted humanity. And if there’s some dispute over who was responsible / who gets the money, hey, even better. JUST ADDS TO THE LORE. It can be like “Melvin & Howard” for the modern age (even better if you can find a part for Mary Steenburgen somewhere, she’s great in everything)

Billy Bang’s Survival Ensemble – Illustration
Aho SSan – Til The Sun Down (feat. clipping & Resina)
NHK yx Koyxen – Let’s Open The Pandora’s Box
?B L A C K I E – Stay Elevated
Ruth Mascelli – Mind War ?Saint Abdullah & EOMAC – Frequently Fugitive
DJ Technician / DJ Overdose – Why Does Nobody Answer The Phone
errorsmith – No Disco Dawn
Surgeons Girl – Clouded Temper / Small Steps
Chela – Appalachjo
Exotic Adrian Street – Imagine What I Could Do To You
Gunn Truscinski Nace – Fencer
Nava Dunkelman / Gabby Fluke-Mogul – Lust
Rory Salter – guitar, feedback, harmonica cassette recorder
Burning Plastic Blues Band – ET Water Cooler III
Setting – Zoetropics
Live Skull – Chords Of Inquiry
Sky Needle – Debased Shapes
Arrington de Dionyso and Ben Bennett – We Will Never Return To What Was Before