If you didn’t catch the news late Monday night, my Ben White Blvd Storage container was the subject of an (UNANNOUNCED) search and seizure. Unlike another operation that took place some 1300 miles east, I would like to assure my friends and associates that I am cooperating 100%, no 110% with this investigation. When the dust clears (and trust me, it’s pretty fucking dusty in there), you’ll learn that accusations i paid a third party to make my wiki entry “more heroic”, are just that, mere accusations. There’s some heavy irony in reading i hired someone to claim i ran into a burning building to save an autographed photo of Antonio Sabado Jr. when in fact, I ran FROM a burning building and abandoned a near mint copy of E-13’s ‘No Mercy For Swine’ (Fatal Erection FE 2, 1984). Regardless of how unfavorably this reflects on me, I would prefer to trade in facts. If we don’t have complete trust, we have nothing. OK, I’d still have a lot of records. You may or may not have nothing, I really don’t know. And if it’s a choice between that and us having trust, let’s opt for the latter.

Terre’s New Wuss Fusion – A Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right (Steal This Record Mix)
Sleezy D. – I’ve Lost Control
DJ Body Mechanic – The Challenge
User Delusion – Bass Up
Al Wooten – Mercia
Porter Ricks – Nautical Dub
Duma – Lionsblood
Scouts Of Uzbekistan – Nude Tuesday
Method Actors – Do The Method
Tall Dwarfs – The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
Green/Blue – Again
Chronophage – Swimmer
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Cup Of Dreams
Sel-Synch – 5 Second Rule
Bill Nace – Boil First
Roger Clark Miller – Dream Interpretation #17
Crime – Piss On Your Dog
Orvvy – Revelation Gazebos
RRR Band – Rock For Birds
Heart Of The Ghost – Aaron’s Ride
Celestine Ukwu And His Philosophers National – Onwunwa