if you’ll allow me to put on my investigative journalist cap for a momement (not unlike the one Jim Belushi is sporting in this still from Oliver Stone’s “Salvador”, another example of reporters operating under great pressure), I have decided this week to tackle a question that has most likely been plaguing each and every one of you. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH “YUM” AT THE END OF THE BANDCAMP DOWNLOAD URL?

Did they workshop bandcamp.com/heythere or bandcamp.com/noice and the results were disappointing? In what possible universe does “YUM” inspire any level of confidence?

I am aware that by even raising this matter in a widely read public forum, I am risking being silenced or disappeared via an edict issued at the highest levels of Epic Games, but so be it. This is what courage looks like. Take a good look. SOAK IT IN.

Thirst – The Unknown
DUSTdevils (with Jon Easley) – Last One Left
Lifeguard – New Age (I’ve Got A)
Laddio Bolocko – Dangler
E – No Signal
Burnt Envelope – 23 And Me
208L Containers – Sunburnt In Brisbane
Rancid Vat – Most Likely To Succeed
Ghetto Concept – Krazy Acapella
Jay White – Krazy Jay White Acapella
Suzi Analogue – Nnow Flex
ZULI & Broshuda – Vector Cloak
Nappynappa & WIFIGAWD – Cold Shoulder
Slikback – XP44
Cheb Terro – Pink Magic
Low Jack – Slow Dance
Yuta Matsumura – Box Garden
Blod – Inmarsch
Konjur Collective – George Jackson
William Fowler Collins – Death Acquires A Different Meaning (with Johanna Hedva)