so out of the blue some guy (who I’ve never met or spoken to before) insists that I intervene in a dispute between he and an ex bandmate (an acquaintance of mine) over ownership of some master tapes from the 1990’s. I know nothing of the band or the recordings in question. I politely reply, stating this has zero to do with me and wish him luck resolving the matter. He responds with a series of insults, vague threats and blocks me (HURRAY). “Why can’t you be more like Tom Hazelmeyer?” As though its so easy to be like Tom. “I LIVE ALONE AND HAVE NO JOB SO I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO SPEND ON THIS” (i appreciate the personal details but I would’ve wagered on all 3 of these things being true)

Hey, “Sludge Metal Dan” or whatever your pseudonym is, why can’t you be more like Carson Craig’s amazing Jet City Womeme IG account? It’s a high bar to clear, but if nothing else it’s a more creative endeavor than harassing strangers online.

Only Now (feat. Dave Sharma) – Vengeance II
Duppy Gun X Element feat. G Sudden – Walk & Stagger
Primitive Structures – Family Distress
Conrad Pack – Gateway
XVARR – Fanatics
Shela – Viagem a Granada
Modern Nature – Sun
Jordan Dykstra – 14 Horse Bells
Jay Glass Dubs – Magazine Dub
MC Clever / Mitch “Blood” Green – Mitch “Blood” Green
Cuticles – Wind
Choncy – That Guy
INU – Gonna Crack
The Sheaves – Lariat Slung
Tyvek – Return To Format
Les Batteries – Post Polar
Dennis Tyfus – A Surprise From Lyon
Thousandaire – No Good
WRENS – Soft Space
Valentina Magaletti & Fanny Chiarello – Migrane