Though i think we’re all familiar with the phenomena of an eagerly anticipated album that has great songs but is handicapped by a confusing, murky-at-best mix, we all know there is one prominent example that has been the subject of endless debate. I’m speaking of course of Upsidedowncross’ 1993 album, ‘Evilution’, the recording of which (with all due respect to the very talented Wharton Tiers) doesn’t nearly do justice to compositions like “Black Mass In The Dark” and “Coffin Of Surprises”. However, with the assistance of modern technology and the steady hand of Dick Urine Jr. , the 2023 mix of ‘Evilution’ is like you’re hearing the album for the very first time. It’s obligatory that everyone voice an opinion about this project and all the many “what ifs” surrounding Upsidedowncross, and with that in mind, this week’s program will feature listener calls on the subject. If it turns out no one rang wishing to discuss the 2023 mix of ‘Evilution’, at least they were given the opportunity.

Blue Dolphin – Ida ?Sour Spirit – Nothing Behind My Eyes
DJ K & DJ NInow – Automotivo Levanta Defunto
Plus Instruments – How?
Rat Heart & The Peanuts – It Was A Joint Effort So I Had To Do It All
Severiano Martinez – Clocks (You Wake Up)
Fantastic Palace -Socks On, Socks Off
Model Home – Space En Ur Heart / Let Et Go (side A)
Alabaster DePlume – To That Voice And Day
Trooper – Kaboom
Vintage Crop – Springtime
The Smog – In The Wasteland
Virvon Varvon – Mind Cancer
The Marked Men – Fortune
Skull Practicioners – Death Buy
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt – Untitled 2 (live at Union Pool, 1/29/19)
Michael Zerang/ Tashi Dorji – I (from ’Schimachy’)
Hal Lambert & Mitchell Mobley – Lines In The Dream House Bathroom
Alan Courtis – Estiba