for episode 123, I have attempted to determine exactly what was happening on this day nearly 15 years ago when a south austin party store advertised the appearance of LIMPY THE CLOWN with some sort of vampire motif. For all this time I have not been able to reconcile whether Limpy was a clown, a vampire, a combination of both or perhaps the proximity to halloween was crying out for something less specifically clowny. And why only 2 hours — did Limpy have another engagement that afternoon (accupuncture, racquet ball, etc.) I don’t wanna say I’ve been obsessed with this, just that if you’ve ever been waiting for me to get back to you for any reason whatsoever and I haven’t done so, IT’S BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT.

This Heat – S.P.Q.R.
DJ Scriby – Esheee!!!
Perc – Dirt
Al Wootton – Doxa
Model Home – Deep In My Pockets (ft. R. Stokes)
Jacques Berrocal – Post-Card
Saint Abdullah & Eomac – In One Corner The Male Relatives
Container – Sniffer
Nordvest – Scribbles 9
Senyawa + Lawrence English/Aviva Endean/Peter Knight/Helen Svoboda/Joe Talia – Mangsa dan Penguasa
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes – Na Tu Penda Sana
SSWAN – Invisibility Is An Unnatural Disaster
Hocus – Parki
Crash Toto – The Riptoffer
Quickspace – Standard B
The Gabys – Theresa
Ayal Senior – Ashby
Sam Esh -side one of ‘Jack Of Diamonds’
Civilistjävel! – track 1, side 1 Järnnätte