Greeetings everyone and welcome to episode 122 of my favorite online radio show (and perhaps yours as well). This week we’re in the midst of Harry Styles’ sold old six-night stand at the new basketball arena (which is a pretty neat trick considering Austin doesn’t even have an NBA team — why don’t we build an Olympic velodrome while we’re at it?). This joyous occasion means asking hard Q’s about Harry’s relationship with estranged father Joey (above leftI; has the latter finally seen fit to forgive his son for not going into the family business (screaming OH MY GOD, getting fired for making offensive remarks in-between screaming OH MY GOD). Is there any truth to the legend Joey’s ex boss, @heymanhustle once dubbed Harry’s band, Wonderrection and they made a mistake on the marquee of the ECW Arena and the rest is history? You’re just going to have to listen to all 2 hours to find out. (OH MY GOD)

A recording of Joel Gertner singing Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle” did not make the cut, not for the usual rights clearance issues, but rather because it is unlistenable.

Meat Mist – Filth Fuck
X Blank X – You’re Full Of Shit
Butthole Surfers – Cherub (Live on The Scott & Gary Show, 1984)
Kilynn Lunsford – Reality Testing
Sleeping Witch & Saturn – 25 Lessons In Hypnosis
Supreme Low x Sensational – Everybody Ready
Sa Pa -Nonsense
Astrid Sonne – Stuck In Pause
Borbonese  Qualk – Dummy Run
errorsmith – Most Elastic
Goldblum – Jazz Of Thin Air
Pharoah Sanders – Red, Black & Green
Bill Orcutt – In Profile
Andy Moor – Alex
Ernesto Diaz-Infante – Eye Of Horus
Parashi – Letters In Wrong Order
Mai Mao – Chew A Flying Flash Prayer
Rhys Chatham – Massacre On MacDougal Street
Bob Martin – Captain Jesus
Maxine Funke – Blyton Rock