Given that this week’s program features a selection from Jerome Cooper’s 1979 one-man percussion opus ‘The Unpredictability Of Predictability’, I asked my producer to arrange for an interview with an expert on private press recordings. Trouble is, he misheard me and thought I said PRIMATE PRESS and instead called the Kyoto University Press Tour who hooked him up with the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University’s Mr. Wack Wack (above), who proceeded to destroy my studio after being offered Ozarka bottled water instead of Fiji. So if there’s a few technical issues during the program (sounds of people screaming, me trying to apply a tourniquet to my left leg while back announcing private press recordings, etc.) you’re just gonna have to bear with me. The show must go on (though no one seems to know why)

Burmese – Masters Of The Overviolence
Keiji Haino & SUMAC – That fuzz pedal you planted in your throat, its screw has started to come loose Your next effects pedal is up to you do you have it ready?
Monostadt 3- In L.A.
Los Llamarada – Me and You and The Land
Maral – A Walk And A Talk
Kaffe Matthews, Zeena Parkins and Mandy McIntosh – Asteroid 4371 Monica Grady
Blues Ambush – Horse Noises
Fadensonnen – Strollin’
Eric Arn & Eyal Maoz – Optimus Locus Ad Finer
Matthew J. Rolin – Tracks
The Comeapart – Podiatrists Dream Pt. 1
Bhajan Bhoy – Stokely’s Rebellion
Konjur Collective – Ancestral Dialect
Valentina Magaletti – Part One (from ‘Rotta’)
Jerome Cooper – Movement C1