(due to circumstances beyond their control, Créme Brulee will not be appearing at Levitation)

For episode 126, it’s time to celebrate my favorite week on the musical calendar as we preview the annual Austin edition of the Levitation Festival. As always, it’s an absolute musical embarrassment ….OF RICHES, my friends. Why only 4 appearances by the Osees, why not 40? Are 2 nights really enough for King Gizzard Lizard Wizard Dairy Queen Blizzard? Can a room the size of the former Beerland possibly contain the charisma of Christian “Truth In Advertising” Bland? I THINK NOT. Tune in this week and I’ll help you make your Levitation Fest schedule and I’ll even be giving away a pair of tickets to see Acid Dad (second prize is 4 tickets to see Acid Dad).

CrusHerr – Tanz Acid
Blackhaine – Throat
Godflesh – Ringer
Cheb Terro – Bad Trip 2
Klein – Never Die
Dale Cornish – Shout Outs
Carla dal Forno – Side by Side
The Better Beatles – I’m Down
Douglas Andrew McCombs – Two To Coolness
Cyrus Pireh – Erased and Marginalized Original Persons Of The Electric Guitar
Mako Sica – Mouth Of The Lion
Yara Asmar – there is a science to days like these (but i am a slow learner)
Mahogany Brain – Purple Overdose no. 102
The Apostles – The Patient
Funhouse – Color Timer
The Infliktors – Where’d You Get That Cigarette?
Surface Of The Earth – Castle
Luke Stewart’s Silt Trio – The Bottom
Gammelsæter & Marhaug – Forces
Camberwell Now – Resplash