This week’s program is dedicated to the FLOP campaign of Texas Third Court Of Appeals Chief Justice Jeff Rose, who promised Central TX voters he’d not “legislate from the bench” (for fuck’s sake) but used a FAKE DOG in his TV commercials. There’s real dogs running all over the goddamn street and this guy busts out a stuffed dog. FUCK HIM. On the bright side, HE LOST (look it up) and across the country people took to the streets in jubilation. I was very privileged to provide to DJ the nationwide party and while rights clearance issues prevented the use of said laptop mixes, I was able to approximate the tone of these celebrations on this week’s program. Thank you for taking part in the democratic process.

track list :

Sadistic Exploits – Freedom
Kaleidoscope – Deaths Of Despair
James Blood Ulmer – Are You Glad To Be In America
Homeboy Sandman – Extinction
Jason Griff – Sweetny, Michael
Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love For Planet Earth
Voice Imitator – Adult Performer

Marina Rosenfeld -Notations 01
Raft Of Trash – A Rented Horse (1996 Plates)
Hand Of Food – Swimming Mindlessly
Sel-Synch – The Timing Of The Slew
Zoviet France – Semasen

Emma DJ – Meta
Pessimist – Thug
DJ XNX – Helper
Total Control – Stare Way / Meds
Flaming Tunes – Beguiling The Hours
Vis Invis Electrique – Falco Is Dead

Marisa Anderson / Sophie Truedeau – Children n Cages
John Jeffrey – -Pacific Calm?
Mary Halvorsen’s Code Girl (with Robert Wyatt) – Walls & Roses
Aine O’Dwyer – Grottovox
Jessica Ackerley & Patrick Shiroshi – Popcorn Spackle