Much the way overzealous fans of the 1957 Cincinnati Reds stuffed the ballot box packing that year’s National League All-Star team with all eight of their starting position players, this show is constantly victimized in the Mixcloud chart rankings by unscrupulous programmers and their acolytes, conspiring to fuck me out of my rightful place at the top of the rankings. Where is the Mixcloud equivalent of Ford Frick to stop this miscarriage of justice?

That said, I will not allow such sad people to steal this beauty pageant from me. Thanks for your support.

tracklist :

Random Hold – What Happened
LA Takedown – There Is A Drone In Griffith Park
Concentrick – White Bear
Jesu – Alone
Chronophage – Any Junkyard Dreams

Lamps – Horse Cow Dog Pig
?Shit and Shine – Devil’s Backbone
?Flux – The Value Of Nothing
B L A C K I E – How to Let It Control You
?Nora On Tape – Grey & Green & Crimson
Greymouth – Under The Weather
Private Anarchy – Accumulation

Blessed are the hearts that bend – Palace
Matthew J. Rolin – What Comes Next
Ceramicist – The Power Of Shoving People When They’re Not Expecting It
Sonja – Rustling
Sarah Hennies – Bed Of Nails
Pole – Achterbahn

Oliver Coates – Reunification 2018
Isolating – Immortality
Sofehso – WRBB
Kill Ugly Pop – Let’s Get Real Gone
Lump Hammer – Tired

Catherine Lamb – Pulse / Shade