Occasionally, there’s some miscommunication between an event planner and a performer. The latter might neglect to mention their show includes throwing raw meat into a wood chipper. Or that what’s touted as a mock crucifixion is in fact, the real thing (with an unwilling participant). I mean, this stuff happens. We’ve all been there. Or at least I would’ve been there had my invitation to Jean-LouisnCostes’ 2007 show in Rapid City, SD not gotten lost in the mail. It would be the height of exaggeration to suggest this was the most exciting thing to ever occur in Rapid City, but it was probably in the top 5. This week’s show only briefly alludes to said moment in history, otherwise it would only be a few minutes long.

Tarwater – All Of The Ants Left Paris
Costes – Smartphone Empire
?Orchid Spangiafora & Glands Of External Secretion – Brine Is Flying Everywhere
Armand Schaubroeck – Dr. Leiderman, State Psychologist, Interviews New Jacks Privately To Determine When They Will See The Parole Board And To What Institution The Inmates Will Be Sent / “Games”?
CJA and Anamarie – Life Sux?Endless Boogie – Incompetent Villains
75 Dollar Bill & Barry Weisblat – Repeater
Sally Decker – Seen
Liz Allbee – Kaspar Hausar?
Mark Harwood – Alba’s Absence ?
Sam Weinberg / Nicola L. Hein. / Jason Nazary – Mountweazel
Ill Considered – Knuckes ??December – Always?
Cremation Lilly – Ceremony Flowers?
The Exorzist IIII – Cygnal
Skrim – Akihabara By Night