with the runaway success of celeb video greeting service Cameo, this week’s program dives into what was essentially the proto-Cameo, the barely-hanging-on Hollywoodiscalling.com, a rogues gallery of D-list (and sometimes z-list) talent and reprobates, many of whom are weirdly unavailable AT ALL times (perhaps because they cannot be located). The sub-geocities home page is only the start of the mystery — for instance, what the fuck is the difference between a phone call, a video greeting and a “telephonic appearance” (aside from a few hundred dollars). Has anyone ever paid to speak to Tom Candiotti and if so, in what institution for the criminally insane do they reside?

Not to give away the ending, but most of these questions are tackled within the first 11 minutes of the show, so there’s some music, too.

Kirsten Ketjser – The Bridge
American Friend – Greatest Mountain
Water From Your Eyes – Quotations
Orphan Fairytale – Gallerina Waltz
Steven R. Smith – Last Opening
Sproton Layer – Sister Regis
David Lance Callahan – Born Of The Welfare State Was I
Gentleman Jesse – Become Nothing
Spiritual Mafia – Poolside
Levin Goes Lightly – Liebharder
Nape – Humiliate Me
The Bug (feat. Jason Williamson) – Treetop
Blue Ruth – Almost Gone
Wu-Lu – Broken Homes
Bill Gage & The Cheater Slicks – Piano Tunnels
Cocanha – Janeta
Zea – Ik Gean Nea Dea
Able Noise – Recordings (Side B)
Sandy Ewen, Keith Rowe, Damon Smith – Where The Juncture Knits The Channel Bone
Ignatz & De Stervende Honden – You Can’t See Me