as much as I’d like to say this special time of year is about bringing people together, the simple fact of the matter is the New England territory is not big enough for 2 GG’s. In fact, it might not have been large enough for one. We can debate whether or not it is appropriate or safe to encourage family gatherings simply for the purpose of commemorating the 30th anniversary of Hector Guerrero’s not-entirely successful unhatching, but really, why talk when we can fight instead?

GG vs. GG t-shirt smashup courtesy

track list :

Couch – Green and Red Look Alike
Lolina – Let Go
Den Sei Kwan – Sarava Tetsudo
Brom and Toshinori Kondo – The Sea Is Rough
Black Unity Trio – In Light Of Blackness
Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Riberio – Big Circle, Small Circle

The Attendant – Goodbye, 21st Century
Itchy Bugger – Not Much To Do List
Mope Grooves – Desire?
Dan Greene & David Shapiro – The Sun Is Directly Above You
Magik Markers – Born Dead?
Geneva Skeen – Leveled Ground, Bottomless Pit

Jordan Reyes – Drifter
Vladislav Delay X Max Lauderbauer – Block A2
Saint Abdullah – What A Tale This Is
Suburban Cracked Collective – Makeshift Visions

Steven R. Smith – On Paper
Anisa Boukhif – Amish Classroom
Chie Mukai & Che Chen – 2.23.11 part one
@xcrswx – Call Time
Behavior – Heaven Sick